Happenings for Press

Culture Magazine: Ask the Cheesemonger

Farmshop’s Artisan Market features a selection of artisan and farmstead cheeses from California and beyond with a heavy Western US leaning and nearly 100% domestic. In Culture Magazine’s “Ask the Cheesemonger” article (Fall 2012), our big cheese Emi talks about storing cheese at home and why some cheeses […]

Farmshop’s California Picks in VOGUE

When chosen by a life in food, the furthest thing from the minds of chef Jeff Cerciello & cheesemonger Emiliano Lee was to one day end up in Vogue magazine (though Emi’s mom has been a lifelong subscriber and was tickled pink by the news). Read the article […]

Bon Appetit: Summer Recipes from Jeff

Bon Appetit had a chat with Jeff about what to cook this Summer. Check out his recipes here! Grilled Flatiron Steak with Tomatoes & Tapenade | Grilled Pork Chops with Peaches & Pole Beans | Halibut with Spring Onion & Summer Squash Saute | Roast Chicken with Pistachio […]

Breaking the Parm

Weighing in at nearly 90 pounds with a thick quarter inch of rind, those crumbly golden nuggets of salty sweet crunchy goodness trapped within… just how do you cut into such a thing? With the right tools. Emiliano talks Parmigiano Reggiano with Los Angeles Times writer, Betty Hallock. While […]