Happenings for Press

Farmshop Among Newsweek’s 101 Places in the World to Eat

Though perhaps a contentious article as we’re seeing from the blogosphere’s reaction, we are thankful to the Top Chefs that Newsweek tapped for their opinions on where in the entire world they should eat. Out of 101 global choices there were 13 other North American picks, and out […]

Culture Magazine: Ask the Cheesemonger

Farmshop’s Artisan Market features a selection of artisan and farmstead cheeses from California and beyond with a heavy Western US leaning and nearly 100% domestic. In Culture Magazine’s “Ask the Cheesemonger” article (Fall 2012), our big cheese Emi talks about storing cheese at home and why some cheeses […]

Farmshop’s California Picks in VOGUE

When chosen by a life in food, the furthest thing from the minds of chef Jeff Cerciello & cheesemonger Emiliano Lee was to one day end up in Vogue magazine (though Emi’s mom has been a lifelong subscriber and was tickled pink by the news). Read the article […]

Bon Appetit: Summer Recipes from Jeff

Bon Appetit had a chat with Jeff about what to cook this Summer. Check out his recipes here! Grilled Flatiron Steak with Tomatoes & Tapenade | Grilled Pork Chops with Peaches & Pole Beans | Halibut with Spring Onion & Summer Squash Saute | Roast Chicken with Pistachio […]