The Dish: Sunday Suppers


Family-style meals that celebrate the weekend’s final hours

What is it about gathering around the dinner table on a Sunday that brings so much joy and comfort to the meal? Is it simply the culmination of a good weekend? One more chance to relax and unwind before the busy workweek? Whatever the reason, several L.A. restaurants have been holding renowned Sunday supper specials that let you savor this cherished repast with your friends or family without any of the cooking or cleanup.

Glance around this Santa Monica marketplace and restaurant (pictured) on a Sunday evening and you’ll immediately notice what makes a Sunday supper so special: multigenerational family members sharing plates and conversations. It’s no wonder—the central course is the perfectly crunchy, spicy Jidori fried chicken, served stacked on a platter handily within everyone’s reach. Seasonal, farm-to-table vegetable sides, zesty salads, and fruit-filled desserts make up the rest of the menu, while reduced prices on all wine bottles (available at the marketplace) add an extra touch to the festivities. $48 per person. 225 26th Street, #25, Santa Monica. 1-310-566-2400;