Though perhaps a contentious article as we’re seeing from the blogosphere’s reaction, we are thankful to the Top Chefs that Newsweek tapped for their opinions on where in the entire world they should eat. Out of 101 global choices there were 13 other North American picks, and out of those 2 others are from our Golden State. Chef Elizabeth Falkner is quoted, “Worth a drive from anywhere in L.A. Gorgeous and memorable flavor combinations” with a notable nod to our burrata dish which is in fact a prime example of what we are all about.

While “fresh burrata and fruit” may not sound very poetic, with an ever changing array of produce from the farmers market, this is a dish that is constantly in flux.

The rich silky pillows of burrata are crafted and delivered to us daily from DiStefano Cheese right here in LA. The cheese itself doesn’t get much fresher, and their expertise has earned them perennial accolades from the American Cheese Society (including a blue ribbon in 2010, see page 18 here) and other dairy competitions.

What we pair with it is ever changing. From bright ruby red albion strawberries to juicy sweet summercrest peaches… creamy ripe warren pears from our friends at Frog Hollow Farm or crisp heirloom apples from Windrose Farm. A drizzle of fresh organic extra virgin California olive oil and a sprinkling of crunchy sea salt, some garnish and sometimes as pictured here a little something extra – we love crispy fried artichokes at their peak!

burrata square

Fresh burrata and fruit is a dish we are proud to offer in it’s simplicity with finesse.