Salsaology Chili Negro & Hibiscus
spicy, sweet, tart, warm

Based in the hear of Los Angeles, Salsaology takes you on a tasting tour of some of Mexico’s myriad of sauces. Keeping with tradition, their salsas are prepared preserving ancient recipe methods that have been passed down for generations in their family; they hand toast and grind their chiles, caramelize their onions and garlic, perfectly roast their nuts, and blend their freshly toasted spices. Their ancient methods of individually treating each ingredient builds flavor upon flavor, culminating in an inspired and delicious flavor.

This rich sauce blends the aromatic and hearty flavors of the chile Negro with the earthy blend of roasted nuts, warm cinnamon and the rich sweetness of cacao which are then elevated by the sophisticated tart and savory notes of hibiscus flower.


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